Master Tec Wire & Cable Sdn Bhd


Branch Cable System


Branch Cabling provides many advantages over traditional methods including:
Reduced costs : Material, Labour, Construction programmes
Reduced space : Using the risers, trenches, etc. purely for pulling, laying and so on, expensive floor space can be maximised and fire barriers simplified
Product integrity : With one single joint free assembly that is produced in a stringent quality factory controlled environment, the physical and electrical properties of Branch Cabling are factory tested and guaranteed
Airtight and watertight sealing : Completely sealed, the cables can be installed in many environments, solving problems often associated with moisture ingress during the construction phase.
Nil maintenance requirements : Branch Cabling is an entirely sealed joint-free assembly. After initial installation and testing, therefore, no further access or maintenance is required.
Flexibility : - Offset risers easily accommodated.
- Branch cables can be sized to reflect the future capacity requirements.
- Over sized neutrals or earths can be easily accommodated.


Assembly Branch Joint

Brand & Country of Origin : Master Tec, Malaysia
Type of Insulation : XLPE/PVC, PVC/PVC
Conductor Material : Copper and aluminium (after joint box if necessary)
Standard Adoption : IEC 60502-1, JCS4503
Main & Branch Cables : Sirim tested type and certified